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Starting your own business - Helen Lindop shares her experiences

Starting your own business – Helen Lindop shares her experiences

When I was pregnant with my first baby I was in a permanent, full-time job. I fully intended to go back to this after six months of maternity leave. OK, I knew this wasn’t ideal but I felt I had no choice. ..Read more on how Helen ends up starting her own business with a baby.

How To Create Your Own Luck

How To Create Your Own Luck

 Are you one of those people who think luck is something that happens to other people? Does the toast always fall jam side down for you?  Do others seem blessed to life on easy street while your destiny is one of struggle and hardship?

In my new book Find Your Dream Job, co-written with Sarah Wade, you can read real stories of how ordinary people went from dead-end jobs to finding a job that makes their heart sing.  In short, they created their own luck.

I provide the coaching notes to help you along the way.  It’s on Amazon now and has five gold stars rating – yaayy!

But in the meantime if you want to leverage your own luck it might be time to detox your thoughts as your limiting beliefs could be keeping you stuck in a life of hardship and gloom. 

Lucky charms, magic stones and black cats; use whatever lights your fire when you need to call on Fortuna to deal you a royal flush.  But let me exclusively reveal there is a much more accessible talisman you can personally tune up to attract wealth, opportunity and possibilities.

Here is a simple equation to ponder on:

 The Definition of Luck is When Intention + Preparedness meets Opportunity.

Here are 10 sure-fire ways of increasing your Luck and creating unlimited potential into your life now which I use with my own clients:

  • Have a big dream.  Get really clear about what you want and imagine it every day.  Build a Vision Board of photos and objects which all go to remind you of your dream
  • Act “as if” you already lived your dream.  Relish how it feels to have all you want, walk it, talk it and be it.  You will soon find yourself attracting all sorts of good stuff.
  • Start to tell people about the dream and create a community of like-minded thinkers or well-connected others that can help you.
  • What you focus on expands – so choose to concentrate on positive, hopeful and nurturing things.  Remember, it is a choice.
  • Look at your beliefs.  Are you limiting your own chances of opportunity with thoughts such as “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve”?
  • Could you be sabotaging your own chances of good fortune because deep down the thought of success, happiness or love really frightens you?
  • Decide to ditch the energy vampires – friends or colleagues who drain you, use you or “do down” your ideas and gravitate towards positive, can-do people.
  • Every day take at least one baby step towards your dream – whether it’s researching on the Internet, visiting the library or networking.  Do everything with the intention of creating success.
  • What do you need to let go of or stop tolerating to free up your energy?
  • Hire a coach.  A superb and effortless way of reaching your goals.

Why not have a free half hour trial telephone coaching consultation with me and see how you can double your luck today. Visit and book a sesh with me today.

Author: Carole Ann Rice – Life Coach and Writer

Find your dream job, by: Carole Ann Rice and Sarah Wade

Six tried and trusted ways to find your passion

Six tried and trusted ways to find your passion

Knowing what your purpose is in life, finding your talent or simply doing what you enjoy most. We have found some great ways to help you find your passion. 

8 things to beg, borrow or steal from your employer when you leave to start your own business

8 things to beg, borrow or steal from your employer when you leave to start your own business

Are you planning your new business venture on top of working 9 to 5? You’re not alone.’s how you can use it to your advantage…

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Be successful - strengthen your strengths

Be successful – strengthen your strengths

A major key to success at work is to know what your strengths are and to work on strengthening them.

It reminded me of something I heard about Tiger Woods and one of the things that made him such a successful golf player. You can imagine that, if you are a golf player, you would want to make sure that, if your ball lands in the sand, you can hit it out as cleanly as possible. You would probably practise quite a lot, so that you could be confident of doing that. Not Tiger Woods, though. Instead of practising hitting balls out of sand to compensate for the bad shot that landed the ball in the sand, he concentrated on strengthening his strengths of hitting the ball accurately in the first place, to keep it out of the sand.

So often the training and development offered at work focuses on trying to improve weaknesses, rather than looking at what people are good at and helping them to become even better. Peter Honey, one of the world’s leading guru’s in learning and behaviour, emphasises that building on strengths produces bigger gains than overcoming weaknesses. In his book – Strengthen your Strenghths – he describes 8 self-management skills that underpin personal effectiveness – acting with integrity, being a creative thinker, committing to quality, developing yourself, embracing change, managing unwanted stress, managing your time and motivating yourself. The book includes a checklist for each of the skills, so that you can identify what your current strengths are and where to improve or build on them. Even if you do not analyse your strengths against these particular categories, it is worth standing back every now and then to reflect on what your strongest skills are. I often suggest that my clients ask 5 or 6 people, who know them well in different contexts, to tell them what they think their key skills and strengths are. Try asking your boss, colleagues, friends, your partner, and even your children – the results are often surprising and affirming!

Once you have analysed your strengths and got some third party input to make it more objective, you can look at how you are currently using those strengths in your work. If your work plays to your strengths, great – and what else could you do to develop those strengths by further training and using them more in different tasks or projects? If you are not using your strengths to the full, maybe you could see what opportunities there are around and discuss with your boss what you could do. Strengthening your strengths is more likely to bring job satisfaction and success at work.

If you would like to read more, I can certainly recommend his book: ‘Strengthen your Strengths – A Guide to Enhancing your Self-Management Skills’ by Peter Honey.

Author: Anne Williams of  Transforming Health – Using the power of your mind to improve your health and well-being. Anne works as a coach with a focus on Hypnotherapy, and has many years of experience in coaching women and business people. She is also the mother of two teenagers herself.