Mum & Career is here to help you. To do that we need your help. We are not for profit but do need donations to survive and continue to help mums like you across the UK.

That’s why I am asking your help.

Mum & Career costs about £2,000 to run annually. The money goes to web-hosting, domain name fees, updating the design and graphics, solving technical issues – as that can require expert input, and last but not least: paying our web-editor to post, lay-out and edit articles and events and create updates for our members.

The first three years Mum & Career has been funded from my own savings. However, as you will understand, long-term that isn’t a sustainable option. So, I have considered many different business models to keep the site running. That’s how I know you would hate to be bombarded with targeted advertising for shoes and handbags and I know you would hate it if the content was mixed with bland advertorials. You like us so much because we are neutral and clutter-free.

Perhaps you really believe in making life easier for working mothers, just like I do. Perhaps you just love what we do, or perhaps we have really helped you sort out yourself or helped your business.

If we have helped you please consider a small donation. It will help us to keep the event-listing updated weekly, keep the site up-to-date, relevant and useful for more women who need support after having children.

It would be fantastic if you could help me keep Mum & Career running.



 Donate and help women create a life that works for them and their family. Mum & Career has certainly proven to be a viable resource, with over 1,000 visitors a week so I am really keen to keep it running.

Frequently asked questions

I often get asked about Mum & Career, and how we work. To me, Mum & Career isn’t about me, it is about the great content and about helping you, so I avoid writing too much about me. Besides, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in the inner workings at Mum & Career HQ. But especially as I do ask for donations, I believe the least I can do is be 100% transparent on the way I work. So here are my answers for you.

Who makes Mum & Career?

Mum & Career was my idea, and is mostly built and run by me Inge Woudstra. But over the years I have also had some invaluable help from volunteers, mostly mothers returning to work. Initially I spent 10-20 hours a week, learning about WordPress, building the site, designing the structure, uploading content, and gathering links to the best places for professional working mothers. Then I started to build the audience (what’s a website when no one can find you?), and invite experts to write, and continuously adding and updating content. After all, events need to be added weekly, and flexible recruiters come and go. By that time I was spending 30 hours a week easily.

Now I update the content, with help of a web-editor, and spend 5-10 hours a week voluntarily. This gives me time to work on my for-profit business: W2O Consulting & Training, where I work as a consultant to help organisations with female talent management and Gender Intelligence.

Who writes for Mum&Career?

Over 95% of articles to the site are written by volunteers, usually experts that like to share their expertise, and would like you to know about their services. I do write myself too. In addition I do occasionally accept content from link builders, who write in exchange for a link to a commercial organisation. However, under strict conditions only: it has to really add to the content of the site, and be useful for you. I don’t accept any paid articles or paid links.

PR and link-building agencies approach me daily with offers to write paid content, however in my experience they write generic articles that do not give you the high-quality, useful, informative and encouraging content that you like so much on Mum&Career.

Who am I supporting when I donate?

Our readers and followers, mostly professional working mothers. Many of them love Mum&Career, as it really does give them motivation, information and inspiration. You can’t always find that elsewhere. Mums don’t talk much (openly) about careers at the schoolgate, the NCT is more about parenting, most websites for mothers are aimed at parenting too and at work it is certainly hard to find someone to share work-life balance questions with.

There are really good websites that support working mothers, or offer them valuable services such as recruitment, coaching, training and networking. But somehow they aren’t always easy to find, or offer information on a single topic only. Mum & Career brings all resources out there together in one place.

Why don’t you just advertise, like other websites?

I have certainly considered that. However Mum&Career is valued by you for being clutter-free and clean. Also the advertisers that would be interested offer stuff like shoes, handbags, nappies and family holidays. I really don’t want another place where you will be bombarded by accessories. Personally I dislike professional working women being addressed as consumers of expensive items.

I set up this site to encourage you to become so much more, to take your destiny into your own hands and create a life that works for you and your family. Encouraging you to spend more on your looks or spend more on parenting doesn’t sit well with that. A career where you feel you can contribute what you have to give to society and a happy balanced life are worth so much more than pretty dresses and shoes.

Why don’t you just offer membership, so people that use your services pay for what they get?

It’s notoriously hard to charge for information-only, which is the reason chat-websites wouldn’t ask for membership either. However, there certainly is great value in finding what you need quickly, and it really does help working mothers.

Can’t you offer more events to raise funds?

Indeed, the events are a great way to fundraise, and have so far partly covered my annual costs. I am keen to help more women though, and believe reaching out through targeting their organisations is a better way to help more women. That’s why I started the for-profit business W2O Consulting&Training.

Will you place my article, or promote my business if I donate?

We have strict and clear guidelines on the content we place. No matter how much you donate, these will still apply.

Why do you do this?

Because I can! What incredibly luxury is that? This is just my way of giving back, of doing something for society. Other mothers volunteer for reading in school, they volunteer for the NCT, they volunteer for the school governors, they work with elderly people or are a key pillar in a sports club. I do some of that, but I wanted to do something that would make best use of my skills and expertise. I wanted to volunteer in something I am passionate about, something that is really needed and something I enjoy doing. That became Mum&Career.

To be honest, there is of course lots in it for me. I am passionate about creating a more equal world in which women and what women do is valued as much as what men do. I have always dreamed of finding a job in this area, and Mum&Career is a way for me to create the expertise in this area. On top of that it gives me expertise in building a business, social media, writing and speaking. I was keen to find a flexible job, one that would allow me to be at the school gate regularly, and that would allow me to be a more involved parent. I didn’t find any flexible opportunities in my area of expertise and decided I just had to create my own flexible work.

So why I do it? Because it ticks so many boxes for me, and it helps you!

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