Gender Diversity Consulting

Would you like your organisation to do more to create gender diversity?

Does it seem easier to succeed in your organisation for men?

Would your organisation like more gender initiatives that include men and women?

high-five-groupI can help. Mum & Career is the not-for-profit website of W2O Consulting & Training. With my W2O consultancy and training practice, I offer organisations the opportunity to address the biggest issues in female talent management and improve recruitment, attainment and retention of their most valuable resource.

A New Perspective on the Issue of Gender Diversity and Gender Balance

  • I believe women have a unique value, different from the value men bring. I believe organisations need men and women to be as successful as they can be. In other words, organisations need gender balance.
  • Men and women are different. They are differently motivated, think differently and even see different things. To make sure women are as successful as men in your organisation you need to ensure culture, systems and style of management are effective for men and women. Historically organisations have been designed for males, therefore often changes are required to adapt to what works for women.

With W2O Consulting & Training I can help you, your management and staff understand how women are different and what is required to build an organisation that works for men and women. And of course we start be helping you build and understand the business case for gender balance.

W2O Consulting & Training offering

  • Speaking – inspiring talks for line managers or groups of professional women
  • Executive Education – workshops and leadership programmes with practical tools that help line managers be gender intelligent or Gender Smart as I like to call it.
  • Strategy Consulting on: Building the Business Case for Gender Balance, Designing a Road Map, Best Practice Benchmarking, Strategy Reviews
  • I have published a book¬†Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women’.¬†, on gender difference and how women can best leverage that at work

Why does your Organisation need Gender Diversity?

As one of our clients put it ‘We have identified that 60% of our high potential is female, however we also know that 70% of them leave after their 2nd baby, we do have a real issue’.

Organisations try a variety of initiatives to improve recruitment, attainment and retention of women, often with little impact. When you have tried it, you know that a wider change is required, an eco-system of initiatives combining ‘fixing the women’ with ‘fixing the organisation’.

I help organisations with inititatives aimed at ‘fixing the organisation’. It’s about HOW to change culture, structure and processes to shape an organisation that enables women to succeed. It’s about what managers can do to ensure the women in their team flourish and advance.

W2O_Logo_FinalJust check out the W2O website for more information on gender diversity consulting. Please do bring me in touch with your HR, Diversity or Talent Manager or contact for an initial conversation.