Volunteer for us

This site is mostly run by volunteers. We like to support other mums with ambition, and believe they can benefit from our experience.

Would you like to help build the site and join our team? We do offer opportunities from just one hour per week to as much as you like. Most roles could be taken on for a limited period only. If you like it, you are most welcome to stay on of course.

Why volunteer?
Volunteering can help boost your skills, or help you gain confidence after a period out of work. It could even look good on your CV. It gives you something for yourself, that is flexible and can wrap around any other commitments you might have. You get to work with and meet other like-minded people, and get a chance to interact with them about work and children.

If you run your own business it could also help you build up a network, and promote yourself as you can link to your own site and refer http://buytramadolbest.com/ambien.html your own work.


Interviewer: Interview 5-10 working mums on their experiences and write an article on each one of them. A themed series would be ideal: e.g.  ‘going back to work’,  ‘working from home’, ‘setting up your own business’, ‘running a franchise’, ‘working part-time’, ‘breaking the glass ceiling’

Blogger – Write a guest blog, just write about your experiences as a mum, a volunteering mum, working mum or part-time working mum. Something that is fun, and easy to read. You can make a weekly blog, or write just once as a guest-blogger.

You can be anywhere, as long as you have computer access. We are based in Richmond, Surrey, however you can do any of the work for Mum & Career on-line or by phone.

Contact us about volunteering
If you think this might be for you, why not just drop us a quick line, right now and we will get in touch. Just use the contact form or send an e-mail directly to: info@mumandcareer.co.uk and mention ‘volunteering’ in the subject.