Learning, career, networking and diversity events for professional women

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  • Citymothers – talks, seminars and networking for Citymothers – from £20 per event for Pay as you Go, and £120 for an Annual Pass
  • Video Programme/Course – Happenista Clarity – virtual training programme, by The Happenista Project, £47.00/month for a 12 months programme
  • Webinars, pre-recorded, by Female Breadwinners for senior level working women – titles include: Demonstrating ambition and credibility in the workplace as a female breadwinner, Parenting skills for busy working mothers of teens and tweens, Strategic Risk Taking – The risks that will help you build the career you want. £29,- per Webinar
  • Across the UK or On line – Get mentoring 2011-2012 project for entrepreneurs to become a mentor, led by the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (SFEDI), online resources are still available for free
  • On line Group Programme – Create the Expatriate Life You Love – for expat partners, by Thrive, £79/month for a 6 months programme
  • – networking events by week and local area
  • The British Library – events and workshops for small businesses every month in topics such as marketing, blogging, social media, business websites, IP and Trademarks, funding and business finance. They also offer business clinics and product development clinics.
  • WeAreTheCity calendar – networking, social, leadership, career or diversity events for Women in the City
  • Business Advice Clinics – One hour advice from business experts on your idea, business growth, when you have plateaued or a specific issue. Regular dates.
Check out:
  • Mum & Career Training pages – Executive Development, Leadership training and Coaching for Women
  • Mum & Career Networking pages – the best places to network with women. Most groups meet regularly (e.g. monthly) and often have interesting speakers at their events. They cost between £15-£45 per meeting