Events for Organisations

What do women need to be successful?

How to keep women on board?

How to create a good work family balance?

Organisations grapple as much with these questions as mums do. That’s why we offer:

Tailored Events: fun, well-targeted and powerful for parents, as they learn to manage the dual demands of parenting and work, become more effective at their work and improve future planning of their combined career and family commitments.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss your requirements and hear more about one of our own Mum & Career tailored events for professional working parents.


Key characteristics that make our events powerful and effective:

  • Specifically designed for your organisation and tailored to your needs

Credible, valid information: for your industry, your audience, includes internal experts

Creates awareness: showcase your policies

  • Learn from the experts

Best and latest practice: mix of key external and internal experts

  • Opportunity to share with like-minded parents

Creates motivation for change, participants feel supported, confident and inspired

  • Be inspired by parents that have been there before

Real-life stories are an incredibly powerful learning tool, each person finds their personal solutions


 Our specialist topic areas

  • Navigating career around children

Career paths and how they are different for women, when to take a career break, impact of a career break, working flexible hours, visibility at work, managing vulnerability, what it takes to have a top career, choices other parents make and how it works for them, mentoring and networking and how to make it work

  • Work-Life fit
Strategies for the key challenges working parents face, such as: juggling time, building confidence, managing guilt, managing expectations at home and at work and managing childcare
  • Get ready for maternity leave

Pregnant and working, maintaining professionalism, planning for your leave, keeping in touch during your leave, building a relationship with your maternity cover, engaging with colleagues and clients, planning your return, how long to take leave, flexible working, maternity law, policies and internal support

  • Return to work after maternity leave

Returning earlier or later than planned, flexible working, motivation for returning to work, organising and managing childcare for peace of mind, breastfeeding at work, building confidence and professionalism, planning for the first week back, key career strategies for parents, managing guilt, visibility and vulnerability

  • Professional flexible working

Organise your home office, effective flexible working habits, engaging with colleagues and clients, building support at the home front, networking for promotion

  • Find and manage childcare for peace of mind

Which type of childcare suits you, financial considerations, long-term plans, avoiding guilt, parenting when you are not always there, getting the best out of your childcarer

Inge Woudstra, our Founder, regularly organises and speaks at events.

  • South African Institute of Chartered Accountants – 11 May 2013 – Creative Careers – Step Out of Your Glass Box
  • Mum & Career – 14 March 2013 – Navigating Career & Family Workshop
  • Societe Generale – 21 March 2013 – Networking lunch of the Societe Generale Family Network
  • Flexible Working Conference – BIFM – 25 April 2012 – on Flexible Working, in partnership with My Family Care



Recommendations for Mum & Career Workshops


“Attending the workshop on Career Change and Re-training has given me the drive to start researching a business start-up, as I had previously been to worried/ unsure about doing this. Small steps, but at least I’m doing something about it rather than always talking about wanting to make a change.”

“A very well-targeted event with great and approachable speakers. I gained a lot of confidence, focus and motivation.”

“It was a fantastic event! I realised I am not the only person to feel the way I do.”

“Listening to other people made me start to clarify my own position and feelings about my position as a mum returning to work.”

“I really liked the variety of speakers, it helped me think about my own situation in new ways.”

“All speakers were engaging and inspiring. I gained lots of practical information too.”