Creative Solution Groups

to help you find a better work-life fit

Are you looking for more time, less guilt and more confidence?

Are you wondering how other women make it all work?

Are you wondering what you actually achieve from all of those networking events that you attend?

If so, a Creative Solution Group is the answer

*** The power of a full day in only 3 hours ***



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What happens?

  • A group of professional, working women come together in a safe and confidential environment – Maximum of 8
  • The expert facilitators introduce and then skillfully guide you through the action learning process, radically different to your usual problem solving chat
  • Everyone is given space to bring their thorny issue to the group
  • You leave your ego at the door
  • Everyone contributes solutions, experience, insights and ideas in service of each other
  • You leave refreshed with practical, workable solutions, enthusiasm and optimism
  • Because of the depth of this process you bond quickly and increase your network with quality connections
  • You report on your successes next time.
  • Practical, solution-focussed with women like you



“It was a fantastic event! I realised I am not the only person to feel the way I do.”




This group is not for you if:

  • You have issues that run very deep and are better solved by one to one support
  • You are not willing to contribute and be part of a supportive network
  • You feel that all aspects of your life are exactly as you want them
  • You just want tea and sympathy, and don’t actually want to change.

If your wealth, health, or career, are not as you want them to be, then this is where you begin to make them better.

We carefully designed Creative Solution groups, because we know what’s its like to struggle with being a mother AND having unstoppable career ambitions. Each of us is trying to find their own way of making it work, often by trial and error.We think it’s absolutely unnecessary that you all go through your individual learning curve alone. Instead we want to build a community of support and ensure that you learn from each other, share and build a powerful network.

Take this opportunity to:

  • harness the power of your peers
  • create a successful career and a happy family life
  • find ways to have more time
  • take back control
  • feel confident about your choices

Join us now and we will help you face openly where you are in life, find real and positive solutions for your issues and grow towards where you would love to be. And have a bit of fun along the way too!


More about Inge

Inge Woudstra – Msc – Inge is a working women’s expert and founder of the flagship web-portal Mum & Career. Inge is a qualified and experienced tutor, researcher, group facilitator and coach. Before becoming independent she has worked for Ashridge Business School, Chatham House, Siemens and Shell. She is qualified in MBTI personality profiling, Psychology A&B and a variety of group facilitation tools and techniques, including Action Learning. She is widely networked and will always know anyone you might need that is offering support to working mums. After becoming a mother she has worked part-time, full-time and is now working from home. In between jobs she has also been a stay-at-home mum.


More about Jenny

Jenny Garrett – M.A. – Jenny is a sought after executive coach, founder of Reflexion Associates and author of Rocking Your Role, the ‘how to’ guide to success for female breadwinners. Jenny’s journey as a facilitator started in 2002, when she moved into the education sector at Ashridge Business School. She has previously worked for private organisations, such as Hamptons International and Schroders in senior marketing roles. At Ashridge, she initially developed her passion for executive coaching, which rapidly expanded to working with teams and organisations, as a trainer, team coach and action learning set facilitator. Jenny has been featured extensively in the media, on programmes such as: Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour as well as regularly contributing to many national publications, such as Women’s Weekly and Glamour Magazine. Jenny is married with a school-aged daughter and is a breadwinner.



“Our real need is to look at the reality around us and say “Why is it that I am so unable to do anything about the mess we are now in?’ And to ask “Could I meet other people elsewhere who are also saying the same?’ We will not make progress until individuals recognise that they have difficulties in doing what they are doing . The only way to understand those difficulties is by discussing your troubles… and your inabilities with others who are ready to talk about theirs.”


Is a Creative Solution group for you?

Our Creative Solution Groups are designed for you if you are a working mother, female breadwinner, mother returning to work, female executive or entrepreneur.

This is better than networking, you take away tangible actions to work on, and not just business cards to follow up.

  • Perhaps you feel stuck in your current situation, you feel you have exhausted all ideas on how to improve your life. Through the creative solution group you get new perspectives and will get access to the secrets from top women
  • Maybe you’re not sure about the choices you’ve been making, or don’t feel you have any. You are now seeking freedom in your mind and soul to make real, unbiased choices that work for you
  • Maybe you’re looking for practical solutions to everyday, practical issues in your work-family life that you can implement straight away, through the creative solution group, you get new ideas and will be held to account
  • Perhaps you need to create space away from the day to day tasks to think strategically and create long-term viable plans and solutions to your work-life options
  • Maybe you need a safe and confidential space to vent and clear your thinking, a place to be unconditionally supported and challenged when necessary
  • Perhaps you feel constantly stressed and feel you cannot live up to expectations both at home and at work. Through the creative solution group you can get help in setting priorities and creating more ‘me’-time, or just finding a different schedule


“….those best able to help in developing the self are those comrades in adversity who also struggle to understand themselves…”


How does it work?

We offer a:

– 3 hour Face-to-Face session, in Central London

or if it works better for you

– 2 hour Virtual Session via easy to use online software


Not sure? Maybe the answers are here

1. I am quite intelligent, and it’s not like I haven’t given this any thought. I don’t think there is an answer to my work-life issues.

We have heard many people say that. However, it turns out that looking with a fresh perspective, seeing your situation through someone else’s eyes can truly give amazing new insights. What’s the risk of trying? What if there was an answer to your issues and you just haven’t found it yet?

2. I know what the solution to my issues is, however it’s basically impossible to implement

We know that’s what it looks like to you, and you may be right. But what if you weren’t right? Creative Solution Groups are as much about finding solutions as they are about giving you support in implementing them. That’s why they are so powerful.

3. If I want that soft, hearts and flowers stuff, I’ll get that from a partner, friends or family.

Family and friends are a fantastic support but actually most of the time we don’t want to burden them with our issues, or they offer advice that doesn’t quite fit our own thinking. And besides, are these really the people you go to with your workplace issues? How helpful have they been so far?

4. It’s too expensive full stop.

True, it’s not cheap, but what’s the cost of not investing in coaching? What is the cost of not working through the issues and not taking the opportunities you are facing? What is your current thinking giving you? What makes you think you’re not worth the investment? We offer a full no quibble money back guarantee

5. I don’t have time, I really don’t see how I can fit it in.

We completely understand life and work are hectic, especially for a working mother. But imagine what it would be like to have more time. Perhaps taking the time to re-evaluate your life, and add tips and experience from others, will be the first step to give you the time you so desperately need.

6. What if I’m not happy?

We give an un-conditional money-back guarantee on Creative Solution Group sessions. If you have your session, and you feel it really wasn’t worth what you paid, then you can ask for your money back – and you’ll get it. Simple as that. And if the prospect embarrasses you – you could ask by email!We would rather lose money, than take money from someone who was not happy to leave it with us..






“sessions are interesting and fresh, with different methods of encouraging discussion and learning used each time. I am naturally quite sceptical of personal development courses, but my time spent has opened my eyes to the potential improvements they can facilitate.’



Membership of the Creative Solution (Secret) group, for ongoing support and sharing, approved members only

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Further questions

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