Find Part-time and Flexible jobs

Recruitment agencies and job boards

Increasingly, there are specialized recruitment agencies, job boards and websites for flexible and part-time jobs. Half of them have only launched recently, but it is worth having a look, they might just have the flexible job you have been waiting for!

  •  Availexe– Management Consultancy that match consultants and projects, work can be done flexibly and from home, looking for experienced consultants in Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Change Management and Business Development. Operate UK wide
  • Advemix – regular job site. To find flexible jobs just type in in ‘flexible’ or ‘part time’ in the advanced search
  • Ably Resources – Ably is a leading specialist recruitment group. They specialise in finding (flexible) work for women in Engineering, Oil & Gas and Drilling, Marine & Subsea and Architectural and Structural Engineering. They cover UK, Middle East and South East Asia – mainly relocating expats to these locations.
  • Capability Jane – recruitment service for flexible jobs, aimed at experienced professional women, CV-writing service, coaching, re-launch your career workshop, main focus South East UK
  • Careers City from We Are the City – job board for women, extra focus on flexible and part-time jobs, family friendly companies and trustee positions for relaunchers, London focus
  • Afina Recruitment – recruitment consultancy, specialising in flexible recruitment – London focus
  • Sapphire partners – boutique head hunter with a strong focus on female talent for exec and non-exec positions, flexible working possible, based in London
  • Tectre – training and recruitment organisation focused at the IT sector, offer soft-skills training for technical people, offer training and coaching to support women back to work in Science, Technology and Engineering
  • Ten2Two – helps women find flexible and part-time jobs, based in Hertfordshire, job-reach to London
  • Flexy – Recruitment app, matching workers and employers for short-term contracts and shift work. Jobs include: office, admin and reception, catering and events, retail and merchandising, research and testing, sales and customer service, street marketing and promotions, warehouse pickers and packers, cleaning and maintenance. London focused.
  • HubstaffTalent – US based matching site, helps employers quickly bring together a remote team of workers, mainly in e-commerce, social media and IT. It seems free, and it does list UK-based jobs too.
  • Mumandworking – part-time job site, businesses for sale, career advice and tips for working mums
  • Mumbu – skills matching site between local employers and people looking for flexible work, Guildford/London area
  • Time wise jobs – job board for flexible work, main focus London (started by Women Like Us)
  • Time wise recruitment – recruitment agency for part-time jobs, main focus London  (started by Women Like Us)
  • Working mums – connects mums and employers, offers full-time, part-time and work-from-home jobs, lists family friendly employers
  • Work for Mums – on-line job board for network-marketing and franchise offers
  • Jobs for mums – Online job boards with flexible, part-time and term time jobs
  • Neuvoo – recruitment firm, aggregate all jobs from company websites to help you find a job in your region
  • careerbuilder – regular job search site, good part-time section
  • – regular job search site, good part-time section
  • Sagent Recruitment – recruitment agency with a strong focus on female engineers, submit your CV or look at on-line vacancies
  • Workpond – Recruitment Service for flexible work – many roles suitable for experienced professional mums from a wide variety of professions and industries, mainly south-east
  • Where women work – offers jobs on-line, directly posted by organisations. Helps you research family-friendly companies
  • Diversity Jobs, – upload your CV or search for jobs from employers that like to be the employer of choice for diverse staff.

Create your own flexible work

Do seriously consider not to wait for employers to become more flexible. Just create you own flexible work. Do try any of these articles to help you:

Part-time work at senior levels

Part-time jobs on offer seem to be primarily in teaching, nursing/medical and administration roles. In recent years financial roles have become more flexible as well. Salaries seem pre-dominantly under GBP 30,000 a year.

On the whole we were rather disappointed by the level and number of jobs on offer. We would love to know if we have missed a valuable resource that is of use to professionals, senior women and women leaders.

However, do not lose hope and confidence, part-time jobs are out there, in many sectors and at all levels. Check-out these: case-studies of women who found top part-time jobs from Women Like Us, recruitment agency for flexible work. They show women can get back after a long career-break, or find a job share or flexible position at a senior level.