Maternity leave

Are you wondering how to manage your pregnancy at work?

Would you like to know how best to prepare for maternity leave?

Do you feel anxious about your return to work after maternity leave?

You are not alone…  After all, there’s not really anything in our educational system supporting women for this part of their job. To help prepare your return after maternity leave as best as you can Mum & Career have asked Tamsin Crook, a professional maternity coach, to highlight the most important aspects and give you key tips on how best to handle this period of your career.


On line information on returning to work after maternity leave

  • Returning to work, a guide for parents – addresses legal, practical and emotional issues for returning to work after maternity leave, by the NCT and Working Families
  • Experiences of women returning to work after maternity leave in the UK – Survey by the NCT in 2008 amongst 1541 mothers. Shows % of women returning to work, % requesting flexible work, reasons for returning to work and difficulties in returning. Concludes employers can support better by offering positive and planned support.
  • Families Work – maternity coaching, childcare search, emergency childcare, parent workshops and talent management. Focus on corporate and media sector.
  • Working families – charity on work-life balance, offer resources on tax, maternity leave and just lots of advice and support for working mums and dads, also telephone help-line for maternity discrimination
  • Life after Maternity Leave – blogs, resources and events aimed at helping you find which work-family choices work for you
  • Maternity Action – campaigns for equality for pregnant women and women with young children, offer free telephone Advice Line and info on maternity rights, benefits and financial support
  • MaternityLeavers – blog and coaching on how to use your maternity leave to re-invent yourself, with free e-book on ’14 ways to kick start your career whilst on maternity leave’
  • You can also consider maternity workshops or maternity coaching. Do check out why ‘Every pregnant woman needs a maternity coach
  • NatCen Social Research – Shows what other women do: 77% of women return to work after maternity leave, and most fathers take their full entitlement of paternity leave (2012)

Recommended books on returning to work after maternity leave