Navigating Career and Family

A high impact workshop designed to help you shape your life in a way that works for you and your family.

Career Family Decisions

Do you ask yourself, what does it take to have it all?

Are you wondering how other women do it?

Would you like to know how to make it work?

Then this workshop is for you.


We show you what worked for other women, how they make it work and what they learned along the way. The real bits, the nasty bits and the good bits too. Just come along and find out what it’s like behind the scenes. 

This workshop will really help you ground career decisions in reality, ensuring you achieve what you envision for you and your family.

It’s going to be a fun evening full of valuable tips, advice and experiences.


What you will get out of the workshop

  • Impact of your career decisions as a working parent, and ways of making them work for you (career break, plateau-ing, part-time, flexible)
  • Strategies that work for managing expectations at work and at home
  • Know how to keep your corporate career on track – during and after maternity leave and when working flexibly
  • Real insights on what works for other career-minded women

What we will cover in the workshop

  • What it takes to have a top career
  • The best time to return to work after children
  • Career paths, and how they are often different for women
  • Overview of full-time, working flexible hours or taking a break – what other parents choose to do, impacts on career and family of each option
  • Managing yourself and your career before and after children: visibility and vulnerability

What the evening will be like

You will find a mix of speakers, interactive exercises and a panel-discussion. A key feature of the evening is to get the opportunity to meet, share and learn from other working parents.

Great speakers, professional working parents, selected for you

All speakers manage a career and children themselves. They will be selected for their expertise, experience as working parents, realistic views and a positive outlook on opportunities for working parents. Speakers will include: a senior female professional, a work-life balance expert, and Inge Woudstra


Inge Woudstra, founding Director of Mum & Career on: – Career options and success strategies
Inge is a working mums expert, qualified facilitator and experienced tutor. She is also the founding director of Mum & Career. She is passionate about showing how to combine career and children. In her talks she mixes research, real-life experiences and practical tips skilfully to give powerful insights and strategies.  Under the name MC Services she offers in-house tailored corporate workshops, creative solution groups, events and a Gender Balance Review. As a mum she has worked part-time, full-time and also stayed at home. She has a background in consulting / research in leadership, change management and Corporate Responsibility. Inge has an active 8 year old son, a loving husband and 2 lively spaniels.



Workshop details

Date: TBD

Time:  6.00 pm – 9.00 pm

Venue: Central London

Price: £45,-

Recommendations for Mum & Career Workshops

“A very well-targeted event with great and approachable speakers. I gained a lot of confidence and focus.”

“It was a fantastic event! I realised I am not the only person to feel the way I do.”

“Listening to other people made me start to clarify my own position and feelings about my position as a mum returning to work.”

“I really liked the variety of speakers, it helped me think about my own situation in new ways.”

“All speakers were engaging and inspiring. I gained lots of practical information too.”

“Attending the workshop on Career Change and Re-training has given me the drive to start researching a business start-up, as I had previously been too worried/ unsure about doing this. Small steps, but at least I’m now doing something about it rather than always talking about wanting to make a change.”