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business woman carrying milk bottle and briefcaseDo you wonder why women are still struggling and it seems so much easier for men?

Do you feel you are treated differently from men? Get less pay? Don’t get promoted?

Do you wonder how the latest policy changes will impact you and your family?

We do too, so we found organisations for you that have some answers.  Most of them campaign for women’s issues and work to improve the position of women in society in the UK.  They show feminism certainly isn’t dead, but it might have changed its flavour.

Why don’t you have a look and join their campaigns, read up on the latest news and research, join their blogs and discussion boards and enjoy.

And if you do get the chance we would love to hear what you found and share it with others on Mum & Career.

Recent research


Women’s support, research and campaigning organisations

  • Home Office – Government Equalities Office – Resources, information and research on women’s rights, women at work and female representation, such as the gender pay-gap. Publishes the Government Equality Policy and the 2010 Equality Act.
  • Thefword.org.uk – Influential website that revived interest in feminism
  • Fawcett Society– Campaigns tirelessly for gender equality in the UK, looking at women’s rights in issues such as equal pay, pensions, poverty
  • UK Feminista – Campaigns for gender equality, provides training and resources to activists and groups, organise campaigns and events and offer a voice for feminism
  • Fabian Women – Network for women to achieve social and political change and to participate in public life
  • An inspirational journey – Initiatives to increase the number of women working at the senior corporate level in the UK, Sponsored by RBS. Initiatives include: The Pearls, 2% Club and The Women’s Business Forum
  • Progressive Women – Networking, training and debates to empower women to become leaders
  • Workingfamilies – UK’s leading charity on work-life balance, offer resources on tax, maternity leave and just lots of advice and support
  • Women’s Grid – Blog about women’s news, women’s groups and vacancies
  • Aspire   – Aimed at inspiring women leaders, argues that women are the leaders of the future
  • Dr Jessica Ringrose (www.ioe.ac.uk) – Currently researching young people in social media and looking at sexualisation of young people
  • Professor Anne Phillips  (www2.lse.ac.uk) – Researching in feminist political theory
  • Professor Angela McRobbie (www.gold.ac.uk) –  Researching gender and feminist theory and cultural studies, including young women’s in art and fashion.  Recent book: The Aftermath of Feminism: Gender, Culture and Social Change
  • Women on fire – Promotes women as decision-makers and links up the women of the world, organises events and is led by shaman/visionary/organiser/change-maker Judith Seelig, links to ecology/sustainability