Relaunching your Career

The best places to go for professionals Returning to Work after a Career Break.

‘Online Career Assessments’ – for free, or a reasonable fee

All assessments are to be found on US websites, but most are widely used in the UK as well. Please note a career assessment often works best with a professional career coach or expert guiding you through the process.

Writing a winning CV for women Returning to Work after a Career Break and women Changing Career

  • Adzuna – Great tool for checking your value, and how ‘machine readable your CV is: ‘ValueMyCV’, part of a UK jobsite
  • Capability Jane – top tips on writing a CV for experienced professional women that re-launch their career
  • Total jobs career advice – CV advice, examples and templates, some good advice specifically for women on job-hunting
  • Mumandworking – short and simple cv writing advice, specifically written for mums
  • The CV Store – good tips on a CV for Stay at Home Mums, offer a CV-writing service
  • CVrite – CV templates, example cover letters, step-by-step on line CV builder, articles and tips on CV writing and job seeking
  • Brilliant infographic for using Social Media for your jobsearch, by Gumtree. It summarizes the do’s and don’ts for using Social Media, and helps you decide what to do with your on line CV

Job interviewing for women Returning to Work after a Career Break and women Changing Career

Online information and support for Women Returning to Work after a Career Break and women Changing Career

  • Daphne Jackson Trust – Returners Scheme, helping those with a background in Science, Engineering and Technology to return after a career break, via paid two year part-time fellowships
  • Careershifters – help motivated people building a career they love. Practical and fun guide, blog, and on-line support, as well as training and coaching
  • i-Relaunch – self-tests, information and guidance for people wanting to return to work after a career break
  • Newlifenetwork – ideas and support for building new careers, some specific advice and information for women returners
  • Mumsnet – Q&A with Nic Paton – author of The Complete Career Makeover, offers Mumsnetters help and advice on making a career change
  • Working families – charity on work-life balance, offer resources on tax, flexible working and just lots of advice and support for working mums and dads
  • Women Returners – coaching, courses for women returners, inspiring blog for women returning to work written by 2 professional life coaches and mothers
  • Position Ignition – workshops, webinars, coaching, club, books and resources for people changing careers
  • Check out your old employer, some large organisations are actively recruiting women returners. Read more: ‘The rise of women Returning to Work

It can also be helpful to ask a life coach for help, you can find life coaches and life coach directories here.

Recommended books on Returning to Work after a Career Break and women Changing Career