Could Britain be the next country where women revolutionise the way to work?

‘The new way to work’ is rapidly becoming a real trend in The Netherlands, with think tanks, diversity consultancies and even government campaigns now using the word. Initially the term indicated the new possibilities of outsourcing and flexible working from an employers’ perspective. However, the term is now coined by professional women who no longer want to follow into mens’ traditional full-time, 9-5, role models. Instead these women use new technology and legislation for part-time work to shape their own models of working in which they can be flexible as well as have a professional career, at their own pace.

Fiona McCarthy from The Daily Mail has certainly picked up on something as you can read in this article. I secretly believe there could be much more to this trend than the few examples they have found of working for Avon or Ann Summers.

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  1. What about you? Have you shaped your own career to fit in with other demands on your time?

  2. Amanda, I am afraid I’d have to agree with you, as that illustrates most of what I have seen too, most employers aren’t very supportive. But…I think women do shape their own terms when they start out on their own, and many do. I’d love to have some statistics, but I do know the amount of female entrepreneurs and female free lancers seems to be mushrooming.

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