Fun, Flexible hours, and High Wages… Is Personal Training the career you’ve been dreaming of?

Being able to choose when you work is something many mums dream of. There are plenty of jobs for those who prefer to have more flexibility and control over their time. Personal Training is one of these jobs and one that can offer the perfect career for many mums.

If you are keen on health and fitness and you would enjoy working with a variety of different people, this job could be ideal for you. Personal trainers help their clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

4 Secrets to Success

• One of the big secrets to this job and this industry is the specialization that is becoming in high demand. For example, personal trainers who specialize in helping mums get back in shape after child birth or trainers who can help certain groups of people, e.g. diabetics, is massively in demand. This is a great opportunity to not only get involved in health and fitness but actually create a long-term career as a leader in one of these areas.

• Focus on what you enjoy – don’t try and please potential customers just because you think this will help grow your personal training business. If you want to train groups instead of 1-2-1 sessions make sure you build up your business to accommodate this. There are benefits and drawbacks to both and having a mix maybe the most sustainable method but the choice is yours. This is the nature of being your own boss. By focusing on what you enjoy, you will maintain that motivation and have a better chance at seeing success.

• Free taster sessions go a long way. One of the hardest things is gaining new clients. You’d be surprised at how clients really want to book up for more classes (so long as your sessions are designed well!) This means it’s very wise to spend time attracting new clients. You may want to begin locally, offering free sessions. This is help build relationships. Many personal trainers rely on referrals as being their main way to get new clients so having great relationships with your clients is very important. If you’re looking to expand, you may want to test out advertising on a small scale. Offering something like a free session is sure to get people’s attention and help you build that initial relationship.

• Grow Naturally – as you start out, you want to keep all expenses to a minimum. You need to balance the books carefully and make sure you have a steady and reliable client base before you think about expanding. There are plenty of opportunities to progress your career, but that’s not to say, it doesn’t involve hard-work. If you dedicate yourself to being an amazing trainer then you are certainly putting yourself on the right track for success but don’t forget about accounts, advertisement, pricing, discounts, time management, etc. These can’t be ignored and can be the difference between growing quickly and slower.

Relevant Skills The reason why mums are particularly good at being personal trainers is that all the relevant skills needed have already been developed and refined. To become a personal trainer, you will need to have:

• determination and enthusiasm

• good organisational skills

• good ‘people’ skills and an outgoing, friendly personality

• patience and the ability to motivate and inspire people

• a responsible attitude to health and safety

• knowledge of anatomy and physiology

• knowledge of nutrition and healthy diet

• tact and discretion

It’s also a job that offers a lot of career progression. Feeling ambitious? Perhaps you might want to set up your own health centre/gym. Feeling like you want to spend more time with the kids? Perhaps you might want to work part time. That’s the beauty of this career.

Get Started Freelance personal training doesn’t need too much investment either. Once you’re fully trained up and have a personal trainer kit list you’re proud of then you can simply go out and start training clients. You don’t need to try and be someone you’re not, it’s about working closely with clients and helping them achieve their goals.

If health and fitness isn’t your thing then you might still want to follow this style of career for another industry. The main thing to remember is that if you dream of flexible working, it is possible so make it happen!

Author: Robert Turp. Robert is a freelance writer who has written this article on behalf of YMCA Training and Fitness Drum

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