Top Tips for running a business that fits around the children

Mums are often looking for a business that gives them flexibility: a life style business. To me it’s always a wonderful experience to meet someone who has decided to start a business up. Especially when these reasons are because they would like to build a business which serves their life – for example being able to spend more time with kids, avoiding the commute, more leisure time and so on.

Without fail each inspires me. Each brings an emotional tear to my eye – for no other reason than their story is so inspiring. This inspiration is motivating, and humbling. It demonstrates no matter who we are or where we have come from, we have the ability to do something about realising our dreams.
Getting going in business takes work. A lot of it. The saying “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary” is so true. People who start their own business are seldom afraid of hard work. It could be argued, they work too hard leaving the reason the business started in the first place one side.

This is when dis-satisfaction can start creeping in with that feeling that something is still missing. Followed perhaps by guilt and those unhelpful self-beating sessions.

Businesses need planning and attention. Just like the rest of your life. There is little point planning your business if it ignores your life.

To escape this trap, here are my 5 top tips:

1. Figure your priorities and consider structuring your day around this.

For example, what is more important overall: getting your newsletter out or spending an hour with your kids? Is there a way you can do both by postponing some tasks to later in the week, perhaps it’s not that important the dishes are done or that you spend an hour on Twitter?

2. Plan your business with your life in mind.

Business planning is essential. It gives you a rudder. As important as this is, it is equally important to make sure your business aims are aligned to your life aims. For example, if your business aim is to have x number of clients by y date and you know this will take a 24/7 effort. Ask how this may affect your life aims and consider perhaps a more balanced approach.

3. Remember you are as important as everyone else.

Yes, you really are. It is impossible to be everything to everybody. Coping with the demands on your time is so much easier when you have invested in caring for yourself first. If you are well cared for, caring for all your priorities, including your business, is so much more rewarding.

4. Let go

Sometimes difficult decisions need to be made. You may need to decide if earning an extra few hundred pounds is worth missing your child’s sports day. Or you may need to decide to skip the networking meeting and focus on yourself instead. Once you’ve decided let it go. Don’t obsess, feel guilty or question your decision (unless you know you’ve made the wrong one, in which case change your mind)

5. Build a supportive network

Join a networking group. Create a group of contacts and develop mutually support.

I hope those have helped. Please let me know how

Author: Paullette Schwartz, MBA has been described as the business coach with heart. She specialised in businesses started for lifestyle reasons and is passionate about happiness in people and profits in business. She offers several great workshops for anyone wishing to start a lifestyle business, or would like to boost their business and life.

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