White Van Women on the Rise – Is it a flexible job for mothers?

The number of female tradespeople in the UK is on the rise, according to a new study into the make-up of the UK’s trades. It may well be a flexible, local job that you could consider. If you would, you wouldn’t be the only one, and it certainly pays well.

A study of 10,000 tradespeople by IronmongeryDirect shows that women now represent 5.7% of working tradespeople. There are now more women tradespeople in the UK than those who are migrants.

The emergence of the ‘White Van Women’ is thought to be a result of demand from female homeowners and single-mothers, who may feel more comfortable inviting a female tradesperson into their home than a male.

The market is meeting this demand as the UK moves out of the recession and the economy shows signs of growth, as female workers take the decision to set up their own businesses, both following redundancy and also as a result of believing they can provide a better customer service.

Wayne Lysaght-Mason, managing director at IronmongeryDirect, said: “It is interesting to see that women now represent a growing proportion of the sector. This influx of women is helpful for those who feel more comfortable or reassured having a lady working within their own home – particularly while the customer themselves and their children are present.”

“The emergence of White Van Women could be a major trend as the economy continues to grow, and will help to meet growing demand, for example in the housing sector. Certainly good tradespeople are highly prized, and it is a great career for women looking to grow their own businesses. ”

Working in the sector means you can work local, and have a good chance of being able to determine your own hours, although you may need to be on stand-by for instance for plumbing or electrical emergencies. Tradesmen tend to be relatively well-paid as well. It’s worth an option looking into if you are the sort of person who would enjoy helping people sort problems with their home.

Author: Ironmongery Direct

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