Changing Career

Woman arms spread wide against blue skyHelp, I am not happy! But what next…?

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel tired, stressed and out of the loop?

Do you feel it is time for change?

But  are  you  struggling  to  think  of  what  it  is  you  really  want?  What  to  do  if  you  have  been  out  of  the  loop? Would  it  fit  in  with  the  children? Where  to  find  the  time  to  reflect? What if you are not like those other working mums?

Stop!….You  can  do  it. You can change your career and find something that works.

It  has  been  done  before, by  many  of  us working mums, and  we  know  you  can  do  it  too. You  just  have  to  take  it  step  by  step. Give  it  the  time  it  needs, but  start  today. Start  re-inventing  yourself  today.

‘it is the job that is never started that takes longest to finish’ J.R.R. Tolkien, quoted  in  the  Associated  Press

1. Find out what you want

1a) Know your case for action

Find out why things have to change and why you are choosing to work or return to work. These articles can help:

1b) Find your passion – Six tried and trusted ways to find your passion

1c) Find life and work options that work for you

2. Find out who you are and what you are good at

2a) Find your personality profile 

One of the most used and well-known questionnaire to find your personality profile is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). You can do the questionnaire on your own for only USD 5 on The Personality Page. It does have much more impact if you do it with a qualified coach who can explain each category and what it might mean to you.

2b) Identify your skills – Identify your transferable skills


3. Get your dream job

3a) Making Changing Career and Job hunting easier

3b) Writing a winning CV

There are many good quality, free sources on the web on CV writing, and most advice is entirely applicable to working mums and to flexible working. Mum & Career have selected a few:

  • Business balls – complete and practical pages on all the details of writing a CV, includes a template and examples
  • Capability Jane – top tips on writing a CV for experienced professional women that re-launch their career
  • Total jobs career advice – CV advice, examples and templates, some good advice specifically for women on job-hunting
  • – all the basics, including a template, in one place
  • Mumandworking – short and simple cv writing advice, specifically written for mums
  • The CV Store – good tips on a CV for Stay at Home Mums, offer a CV-writing service
  • CVrite – CV templates, example cover letters, step-by-step on line CV builder, articles and tips on CV writing and job seeking

3c) Successful job interviewing

The key question of course is: What to say about your career gap and recent experience?

Apart from that there are many good quality, free sources on the web on CV writing and most advice is entirely applicable to working mums and working flexibly. Mum & Career have selected a few:

On line information and support for women Changing Career or Returning to Work

  • Daphne Jackson Trust – Returners Scheme, helping those with a background in Science, Engineering and Technology to return after a career break, via paid two year part-time fellowships
  • Careershifters – help motivated people building a career they love. Practical and fun guide, blog, and on-line support, as well as training and coaching
  • The Pickle Shed – local coaching groups for women that are a launchpad for women returning to work, offer 1-2-1 coaching too
  • i-Relaunch – self-tests, information and guidance for people wanting to return to work after a career break
  • Newlifenetwork – ideas and support for building new careers, some specific advice and information for women returners
  • Mumsnet – Q&A with Nic Paton – author of The Complete Career Makeover, offers Mumsnetters help and advice on making a career change
  • Working families – charity on work-life balance, offer resources on tax, flexible working and just lots of advice and support for working mums and dads
  • Position Ignition – workshops, webinars, coaching, club, books and resources for people changing careers
  • Alternative Divorce Directory – information and guidance for a sensible divorce that does not end up in a legal battle

Recommended books on Changing Career and Returning to Work