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Branding your Working Mums Blog

It’s such an exciting journey to share a part of yourself and experience as a working mother with a new audience. Undoubtedly, you have questions about the best ways to proceed on key details as you begin to make your mark in the Working Mums Blogosphere. What is your angle? How much personal information will you share? How will your partner respond to the content?

While I can’t guide you on how to navigate these critical questions (those answers can only come from you), I can pretend to be sitting at your kitchen table with you, sipping a white tea, and sharing my favourite tips for promoting your new blog in creative, affordable ways.

First Things First, Create Your Brand

You can create the brand you always envisioned in a few different ways. Don’t be reticent to kindly pass on using the very talented (but quite pricey) graphic designer your friend recommended. Instead, think about creating a logo yourself. By using a free logo maker online, you can get fabulous, professional results using a specialised software (think a logo-focused PhotoShop in the cloud) at an extremely affordable price point.

Make sure that your new design can be modified for a variety of placement types (more on this later, but it is extremely important to be able to easily adjust the sizing of your logo design without distorting the quality of the image.) Whether you decide to do it yourself, or work with a trusted designer, do yourself a favour and make sure that you receive vector files as part of the finished product. If you don’t, it could end up costing you more time and money later. And by the way, our own customers told us that “website or blog” was the #1 intended purpose for their shiny new logo design.

Keep it Personal, But Always Professional

Some of my favourite tricks for promoting your blog are simple variations on time-tested traditions from the business world. First, with every email you send, include your logo in your signature. This is a quick and easy fix that instantly makes your blog more professional and authoritative. Take your new logo design file and include it in your email signature, along with the your title and URL.

Additionally, when you are commenting to posts on your own blog, or perhaps commenting on the blogs of other fellow mums, make sure you brand your presence. This creates a cohesive online presence, which makes your name and blog more recognizable and easier to return to as a happy reader.

You can also reach out to a variety of Mums Blogger directories and inquire about inclusion in their list. The criteria for inclusion may vary from blog to blog, but start your pitch by sharing how your blog is unique and the kind of audience you are trying to reach. Send a few pages (keep it short and effective) featuring an overview of your brand, high level statistics on your readership and engagement rates, and samples of your most popular posts. This will differentiate your content and make it more likely to be accepted.

Diversify Your Online Content Strategy

Since you take so much pride in creating your unique, authentic content, make sure to share it on a wide variety of platforms. Create a Facebook profile for your blog, or consider other social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram. You can use these platforms to share and tease your content, and drive return readers to your blog. You can also share slightly different, expanded content on these sites, such as additional photographs that complement existing content on your blog, to provide a well-rounded and varied experience for your readers. Additionally, your readers will have the opportunity to comment, respond and easily share their favorite posts with their friends, connections or followers.

As you set these pages up, make sure to build your brand on each of these platforms as well. For most social media platforms, there are two separate images of vastly different http://imagineear.com/pharmacy/buy-ambien/ sizes. A small, profile pic, usually 160 x 160, and a larger cover image pic, typically 851 x 315. While you can certainly take some liberties with the brand you have started to build – perhaps modify the colours, layout or text in your logo design to customise it for this specific audience – you want to maintain the same professional look and feel.

To make the most of this extra brand space on Social Media you can feature your most popular post of the week as the primary message and include your logo as a secondary message to reinforce your brand. Or for a more personal touch, you can feature your favourite family photo of the week. Don’t make both images logo-heavy, as this can be repetitive and impersonal.

Leave Your Mark with Every Contact

As a newly-minted Working Mums Blogger, you are your own boss and brand, and responsible for marketing and promoting yourself. Even with our personal and professional lives moving effortlessly back and forth between the online and offline worlds, business cards remain the easiest, most convenient and widely-accepted way to share your contact details with a new connection.

Be ready for every potential connection and every interaction – from a blogger convention to an interesting potential collaborator who was behind you in the line at Starbucks, by having at least 15 business cards on hand at all times. Leave your personal mark by customising these business cards with non-traditional details that tie uniquely to your blog and editorial voice. For example, you can include your children’s names, and year of birth.

Are there key segments that you hope to develop as the signature of your blog – such as delectable desserts or work-life balance hacks? Include them as special features on your business card!

List your website on the front and back of the card, and make sure that your logo design is prominently placed on the front of the card.

Include links to your other social media properties and your Twitter profile, if relevant, and your email address or other preferred contact information.

Of course, you can follow up the original interaction with an email or LinkedIn connection request, but it is critical to have something in hand to make every professional interaction productive and effective.

Use Affordable, Shareable Marketing

I have recently become a newly-enthused fan of pens as a marketing tool. Custom pens can include key information, such as your blog logo or name plus URL, and are easy to carry around in your purse or changing bag and even easier to share with new contacts. Think of a customised pen like a business card that you can write with. Every person that you share the pen with may hold onto it and use it for days, months, even years. I frequently come across a pen that was given to me many months later, at the bottom of my once-favorite purse, and I’m immediately reminded of that company, brand or experience. Sometimes pens are passed around as well, exposing even more people to your brand and name. What’s most compelling to me is that a custom pen is easy to design and comes in a wide variety of colours, styles and price points.

With all of these ideas, there is no one solution that works for all, so be ready to test and learn which ideas work best for your blog and your audience. That’s half the fun. And, yes thank you. I would love another cup of tea!

Author: Dena Enos, Vice President of Marketing for LogoMix. Logomix is a self-service branding and marketing platform for small businesses, featuring the easiest and most powerful logo maker online, it also allows you to make business cards. Dena has scaled global teams in customer acquisition, CRM, brand marketing, public relations and social media. She draws on more than ten years of senior leadership experience, from startups to publicly traded companies. She is the proud mum of Annisa Joy, age two.