Top employers for flexible family friendly working

To find the top companies for flexible working and family friendly working the UK, check out these awards and lists:

  • The Times top 50 Employers for Women with Opportunity Now – Companies present themselves, their policies and initiatives and submit 2 case studies of how they are working towards gender equality, inclusion and culture change
  • Top employers for working families – Top 30 family friendly companies, awarded by the charity Working Families. They take into account family friendly policies and practices.
  • Where women work – 50 progressive, large companies are members and offer internships, graduate opportunities, experienced hire opportunities and return to work opportunities and advice aimed at women
  • Working Mums top employers charter and award – list of companies that sign up to showcase their commitment to flexible working
  • Diversity Jobs – upload your CV or search for jobs from employers that like to be the employer of choice for diverse staff.

Small, local companies can often offer flexible work too. It might just require a bit more searching and networking, but do try.

How do you know a company is family friendly and truly implementing its flexible working policies?

Ask at the interview, check on the website, or use your network to find out about their family friendly credentials:

  • Is anyone in senior positions working part-time and/or flexible
  • What does flexible working mean in reality, and who does it usually apply for
  • Is there a budget and/or other support for childcare, emergency childcare and eldercare
  • Is there a women’s network
  • What kind of support is their for maternity leavers and returners
  • Is anyone taking up paternity leave

It’s not sufficient to look at policies only, as some of the ‘best companies to work for’ lists do. Not all policies are implemented well, and not all department heads may support the policy in practice.