Career legsChildren and a career, can it be done?

Is your career slowing down, are you ready to accelerate?

Do you need to toughen up to break through the glass ceiling?

We  found  resources  to  inspire,  stimulate  and  boost  you  to  the  next  level  and  beyond.

If  you  know  of  some  resources  that  really  worked  for  you,  just  share  it  with  us  at  Mum & Career.  We  would  love  to  hear  from  you and help other women leaders.  Just contact us.


  • Cranfield research: Women partners leaving the firm: choice, what choice? Explores in-depth the motivations of women who have left partner roles in international management consultancy firms.
  • Insead research: Women and the ‘vision thing’, 2009 – based on assessment results of nearly 2,800 women: concludes that women are just as good leaders as men, but they do have less vision, and gives advice on how women can build vision
  • Harvard Research: Off-ramps, on-ramps revisited 2010 – research into why women leave the way to the top and how they could be brought back in.
  • McKinsey research: Women matter 2007- 2014 – results of annual survey of senior women, conclusions on what women leaders contribute, why there are so few and what you can do as an individual or a company to change that.
  • Braithwaite & Germane Consulting: Women and the Paradox of Power, 2012 – 220 female respondents, tips for individuals and for the organisation to work towards greater gender balance
  • Center for Talent Innovation – Additional ‘On Ramps, Off Ramps’ research in India, Germany, Japan and Brazil. Research report into Women and Power ‘Women want Five Things’- 2014. The Sponsor Effect, June 2012 – survey of 1386 professionals, one-on-one interviews and focus groups, researching why UK Women do not break through to top ranks. Concludes men work more with sponsors. The study includes a roadmap for women seeking sponsorship and case studies of companies that implement mentor and sponsorprogrammes for women.

Online information and advice

  • An inspirational journey – Initiatives to increase the number of women working at the senior corporate level in the UK, Sponsored by RBS
  • British mummy bloggers – loads of fun and interesting blogs from working and non-working mums, to read or to add your own blog
  • Financial mail women’s forum, fmwf – networking, news, features and advice for women at the top of their profession, aims to support more women to get to the top as well
  • Financial Times, Women at the top – articles, blogs and news for women leaders
  • Changing people – personal development for senior women, blog, research, courses, one-to-one coaching
  • Evenet – Information hub for senior women in corporates,and female business owners. Offer resources, articles and events
  • Female breadwinners – free on-line articles, free webinars on career strategies for savvy women and telephone coaching for senior women
  • The NextWomen – Business magazine for female internet heroes, business-news and events from a female angle
  • The Glass Hammer – online community designed for women leaders and executives in financial services, law and business, US-based, sponsored by a number of large companies
  • Working families – charity on work-life balance, offer resources on tax, maternity leave and just lots of advice and support
  • Women in Technology – IT-jobs, news, events and training for women
  • Mothers who work – website with advice and articles for mumpreneurs and working mums, working mumsblogs and mumpreneur directory
  • Suite101 – good quality articles and blogs on a wide range of topics including ‘Partners and parenting’ and ‘Working mothers’
  • GirlyGeekdom – fun blogsite with lots of blogs for and by girly geeks
  • Alternative Divorce Directory – information and guidance for a sensible divorce that does not end up in a legal battle

Recommended Books