Who we are

Mum & Career is the flagship web portal of W2O Consulting & Training. I believe passionately in creating a better world for women. I hope to inspire and motivate you to find a work-life balance that works for you and your family. Here you can find (links to) all the best resources that are available to help you.

I started Mum & Career as it really breaks my heart to see it’s just not easy for female professionals after starting a family in the UK. It certainly wasn’t easy for me. Many of us actually opt-out, because we think it is not worth it. However this isn’t a great solution, as you have to battle with loss of career-dreams, a loss of income and financial independence. Others start out on their own or find ways to create their own flexibility. And some of us working mothers find ways to involve their partners more, and focus entirely on their career.

I want to let you know that you are not alone in your struggles to find a way to make it work. It’s just not easy. We all have the same struggles, and this generation just has to learn by trial and error. With Mum & Career I aim to bring to you the lessons others have learned, so it is easier for you to find a good work-life balance.

I want to show you, that you are not a failure if you do find it hard to navigate your career as a mum. You are an intelligent woman, with ambition, but you also care about life and about your family and organisations just aren’t designed for that. So, nothing wrong with you!

It helps I am a mother myself since 2004 and I have worked part-time, full-time and as a stay-at-home mum. Currently I work from home.

Originally I am from The Netherlands, and have lived and worked there, but also in: Canada, Belgium and India. Now I live and work in Leatherhead, near London.

My background is in team-facilitation, change management, research and consulting. I have previously worked as a consultant/researcher and tutor for Ashridge Business School, Chatham House, Siemens and Shell.

W2O Consulting and Training brings my gender expertise to organisations. I offer:

  • inspirational talks on Gender Intelligence: ‘Are you a Gender Intelligent Leader?’
  • executive development and workshops in Gender Intelligence and Navigating Career and Family
  • free lance research and consultancy to support female talent management in organisation
  • my first book ‘Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women’ is coming out in the course of 2015

I am an associate at Article13 and My Family Care.


  *** Mum & Career is short-listed for the Richmond’s Den for social enterprise ***


Press and media contributions

bbc2BBC 2 television, Sunday Morning Live,

commenting on: ‘Are stay at home mums sneered at by career women’



bbc_family_radio_radio4BBC Radio 4 You and Yours,

commenting on ‘Working Women’




Untitled-1The Guardian – Women in Leadership – ‘How to Create a Workplace that Works for Women’


Recent and upcoming public speaking engagements



My Blogs have featured in

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Find out why I changed careers and how – From CSR Consultant to Working Women’s Expert | Career Change Advice – Get A New Career You Love | Careershifters.org




Listen to the interview on Brooklands radio on 15 November. It’s about how I started and what Mum & Career is all about (duration: 20′)



My beliefs

I am absolutely passionate about the unique value and power of women. It’s fabulous to work on encouraging women to choose for their own free work-family choices! Researching and re-packaging information so it helps others is what I am good at.

My ultimate aim is to help find and communicate new work-life models, in which women (and men) can live their lives successfully and contribute fully to society.

Social Enterprise

Mum & Career is set up as a social enterprise, not making any profit. Most work on Mum&Career is done voluntarily, the running costs are funded by donations and by funds donated by my own private business.

The team

Mum & Career draws in further expertise and experience from a group of editors, writers, researchers, experts and working mums. We currently have a group of over 70 authors, you can find who they are on the authors page. We have a group of key authors, but most authors contribute on a casual basis and voluntarily invest some of their time to bring a great resource to you.

Legal information

Mum & Career is run as a Sole Trader by Inge Woudstra.

Responsibility and Liability

Please note I do my utmost to ensure the information on this site is valid and true, and check all authors and partners I work with. I do check most organisations I link to and try not to link to any scams. However, I am only human, and may not always have done a full due diligence the way you would if you would buy something. I expect you use your own common sense before you use any information on this site. Please check the credentials of any organisations you would like to do business with yourself and make sure you feel happy doing business with them. Also please use common sense when using any guidance I, one of my authors or someone in the forum gives you and make sure it isn’t harmful for you or someone in your situation.